Klaas Jan Mollema (0477621) , Leiden University, MSc Mediatechnology
Willem van Vliet (0381543) , Leiden University, MSc Mediatechnology

Dr. Yasco Horsman, Leiden University, Literatuurwetenschap
Prof. Dr. Bas Haring, Leiden University, Liacs, MSc Mediatechnology

Remembrance and the feeling of nostalgic experience is one of the basic elements mature people use to make decisions during the day. People like to get back to the past, using tangible and intangible objects to keep their remembrance. In this paper we will focus on pictures as a trigger of nostalgic feelings. Sontag and Barthes already in the 1970’s gave their feedback on the effect on remembrance of those media. Founded on their reflections we see the same effects happen while using digital photography, but stronger. Our research contains two projects, zooming in on these effects of the nostalgic experience. Project 1 (The Digital Polaroid) gives a reaction on the way behaviour has changed with digital photography, project 2 (The Digital Shoebox) investigates the way people store their pictures. In the end we think Sontag was right in her statement Photography has caused a cultural change. In Digital Photography the change is even worse. The way people make and conserve their digital photos has strongly changed. Next to that, people use digital photography to lookup memories, but the factual data pictures provide can cause a change in nostalgic experience.


The graduation presentation will be on the 29th of august 2008 at 11.20h in Leiden, LIACS

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